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Sorry Messages for Being Late at the Meeting/ Sample Sorry Messages For Being Late at the Meeting/ Sorry Excuses for Being Late/Sorry Note For Being Late

Meeting is a scheduled activity where you must reach in time. It is a planned activity; from date, time as well as to its venue or place of meet-ups. Therefore, coming late to a meeting is truly a bad situation. 

In case you get late to a meeting and you are looking for an appropriate message or excuse, then feel free to use the collections of sorry messages and sorry excuses for being late at the meeting. 

  • My sincerest apology for being late to our appointment. I hope I can still get the chance to hear the important news. Thank you.

  • I’m very sorry if I came late at the meeting. I know you had to rearrange and set new schedule again. I promise to come early next time. I’m really sorry.

  • I deeply apologize for coming late to our meeting this morning. On my way, I had a serious problem because of which i got delayed. Rescheduling of the meeting is highly appreciated mam/sir and I promise to come early this time. Thank you. 

  • I’m very sorry if I missed out our important appointment yesterday. As a matter of fact, I’m really looking forward to our meeting however I just discovered that I was also scheduled; same time and date. I know that you are busy and time is very important to you. However, I would like to say sorry. I hope we can set new schedule one more time and I promise to be there. 

  • To my boss, I’m really sorry if I came late, I know this is something bad when it comes to work. I assure you that this will not be happen again, I will always do my best and work with full dedication and hard work. 
  • Sorry if I didn’t make it on time, I know that I have caused a serious problem to the company. I’m really sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. I hope I can regain your trust on me. 

  • My deepest apology if I delivered such a poor performance at the meeting. Please accept my apology.  I will not repeat such mistakes.

  • I’m sorry sir, I came late for this morning’s meeting. I was stuck in the heavy traffic. Hope you will understand! In future I will try to be punctual. 

  • I know how bad it is when you are really counting on someone and then he/she turns you down. It is hard for me to find words to express how sorry I was coming late to our meeting. My apologies. Again, I’m sorry. I just hope I can make it all up to you. 

  • Dear (name), I know that you truly expect me to come on time however, heavy traffic ruins it all. I’m really sorry. I hope you can forgive me and let’s just have some fun. I promise to come early next time and I will be on time! I promise! 

  • Sorry if I’m late to our meeting, I know that this is very important to you but sometimes things are just happening. I hope I can make this up to you in the future. 

  • I apologize for being late on our meeting. Believe me, I did everything to come early but the traffic situation on the road is extremely bad. Our meeting is also important to me that why whatever happend I still came. But, I still feel bad that I made you waiting for long, I’m sorry.
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