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Sorry Messages For Not Attending Wedding Party/ Sample Sorry Note For Not Attending Wedding Party/ Sorry Message For Not Attending Wedding

Weddings are an integral part of our lives as they mark a new beginning. Wedding parties hold a lot of significance too. But sometimes due to various reasons you may have to miss out on a few. So, sincere words of apologies can make many amends. 

Here is a collection of sample sorry messages for not attending a wedding party. Read on to find the perfect heartfelt sorry message for not attending the wedding party of your freinds or a family memeber.

  • I wish you a very happy married life my dear, but I am extremely sorry that I will be out of the country at that time and will have to give a miss to your wedding party. My heartfelt apologies to you.

  • I know you will never forgive me for not being able to be at your wedding party. I deserve every punishment.

  • I can’t tell you how bad I am feeling for not being able to attend your wedding party. If it wasn’t for that wretched flight that landed eight hours late and spoilt it all for me. I am really sorry my dear.

  • I had been planning to come to your wedding party since a month and here I am in bed with a viral infection that refuses to go away. I am so sorry for my absence.

  • You were planning this wedding for months and I was dying to be there on your special day as an most helpful wedding guest but I feel so rotten in telling you that I won’t be there that day as I have to join a new job in another city. 

  • Your wedding means so much to me but I feel horrible in telling you that I may not be here to attend your party I am tending to my sick father.

  • It was your biggest day and I couldn’t be there to share your happiness. I will always miss being at your wedding. Can I ask you to forgive me? Please?

  • I am at your mercy for forgiveness as I couldn’t be a part of your wedding celebrations due to a number of reasons which I promise to explain when I meet you which is going to be very soon.

  • I don’t know if you will ever excuse me for not making it to your wedding party? I deserve any punishment that you deem fit for my offence.

  •  If only my office was a bit considerate, I would be at your wedding celebrations. You will please have to forgive me for this.

  •  I wish I was there for your wedding party but for various reasons. Hope you will forgive me in due time.

  •  If I wasn’t your ex I would have certainly been at your wedding party as a wedding guest. Hope you would understand my absence. All the same please accept my apologies. 

  • I am sure it was a blast wedding celebration. Congratulations for both of you, it is unfortunate that I it. I am so sorry that I was not able to come because of my health reasons. As you know, I have been in and out of the hospital for the recent months. You are in my prayers always. Best wishes. 

  • My full attire for your wedding are ready for the wedding day, but with unfortunate incident happened in the family , I was not able to come. My sincere apology to both of you, I wish you a blissful marriage together. 

  • Being one of your closest friends, I felt bad that I was not able to attend your wedding. Reggie my son had been sick again and I thought he will be better soon. Michelle told me that it was a blast! I am happy for you my friend. I am inviting you and your husband Harry to a simple dinner get-together at my house at your availability date to catch up. 

  • Being in your entourage means a lot to me, you have chosen me to be one of your bridesmaid that is why I am so sorry that I was not able to attend last (wedding date) to witness the ceremony. I hope to be a good and supporting friend in your entire marriage life. 

  • I am sorry in advance that I cannot attend your wedding on (wedding date). Our company is sending me to an important out of country training in Germany that I cannot miss. Together with this note is my my advance wedding gift. I will pray for the success of your wedding day. 

  • I have seen the photos of your wedding through Charles who attended your wedding. The photos shows that you had a wonderful wedding day, I felt bad that I am not part of it. 

  • This messaage is quite late, I am sorry for not attending your party. I feel terrible missing your party. Wishing you both the best of luck. 

  • I wish I could have been there to witness you special moments in your wedding day. I regret that I was not able to come. I am sorry. 

  • I am honored to be one of your guests and I got excited when I received the wedding invitation. Unfortunately, I need to attend to my daughter’s graduation which is scheduled same with your wedding day. I wish both of you a successful wedding event. 

  • You look great together, I am sorry that I cannot be present on your wedding day. Wishing you happiness and a great life together. 

  • I am so sorry that I cannot be on your wedding day physically, but I am always there in spirit. I apologize I cannot come. 

  • Warm wishes to both of you, I am proud of the kind of relationship you have for each other that is why I am so happy when I heard the big news. Please accept my apology for not attending your wedding. 

  • My heartfelt sorry for not attending your wedding party. I hope I can make-up to both of you soon. 

  • My deepest apology for not attending your wedding ceremony and party. I am scheduled to fly back two days before your wedding date, but there had been a problem with my flight bookings. Again, I am sorry. 

  • I miss one of the special days of your life, I am really sorry for not attending. 

  • I appreciate the wedding invitation you but I am sorry I failed to come on your wedding. Please accept my utmost apology. 

  • I am pretty sure that your wedding was such a lovely occasion. It is my regret that I am not there to join you with the celebration. I am sorry… 
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