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Sorry Messages For Not Attending Phone Call / Sample Sorry Messages For Not Returning Phone Call / Sorry Messages For Not Responding To Phone Calls/ Sample Sorry Messages for Ignoring Phone Call

Missed phone calls are part of the day! Almost everyday whether it is business or personal related calls you do tend to miss a few phone calls now and again right! Well if you can't respond then and there dont leave a bad impression or make your caller disappointed by not getting back to him/her in time.

It is indeed polite to respond back as soon as possible. But if you happen to forget the missed calls and you completely ignore them then sending a sorry message is a must. Here is a collection of sample sorry messages for not attending phone calls.

  • I am sorry for not been able to take your call today, actually I left my phone at home. Will call you this afternoon for sure. 

  • I am sorry I missed your call, I am indeed busy in a important projects which is driving me crazy . I will contact you next week since this week I am really busy as a bee. 

  • I was in the shower when you called, but anyway, it was great to hear to your voice message. 

  • I told my secretary that I should not be disturbed for the whole day for an important meeting. I did not take any calls today! So please dont be mad at me. 

  • My apologies for not attending your call, I know your concern is genuine and I really love you. I just could not take the call earlier. I hope you understand dear! I will be meeting you this Saturday for lunch so lets catch up then. 

  • I am sorry for not attending your call, I did not realized that my mobile phone was in silent mode. I was able to get back the settings late in the afternoon. Well will catch you in the evening today. 
  • I was taking a nap in when you called and I did not hear my phone ringing. Please dont feel that I am ignoring you. Lets meet for dinner tomorrow. 

  • I am indeed eager to talk to you. Is has been more than one week, but now that you called this afternoon I missed it. I was in a meeting dear. Please do call me soon. I will wait for your call. 

  • Hi! Please do not think that I am trying to avoid your calls . Actually my mobile phone is not working properly. Please try to catch me on my landline. 

  • Sorry my dear, I was not able to attend your call. You know I love you! But I cannot take your call while I am in a meeting. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

  • Sorry if I made you feel upset when you were not able to reach me on the phone. I got sick and my body was too heavy to take calls. I just slept all day in my room. 

  • I was in my Psychology class and could not take your call as taking calls inside the classroom is not allowed. Sorry honey! Will call you in the evening. 
  • I regret that I missed your call, I tried to call you back but your phone just keep on ringing. 

  • Sorry I was not able to get your call early in the morning. It might be an important call since you don’t normally call during that time. I hope there is nothing urgent. 

  • I am really really sorry for not taking your call, I was indeed busy. I owe you a treat for my promotion so lets meet next week dear. 

  • Please accept my apology sweetheart, I know I should not be giving you excuses. I promised you to call you yesterday but I failed to do it. Then when you called I missed it, please forgive me. I will surly call you tonight! 

  • I want to apologize for not replying to your call promptly because I was driving. I normally do not take calls while I am driving.

  • I am sorry that you got irritated again when I did not return your call.  I am sorry again.

  • I regret that I was not able to return your call.  I did not mean to ignore your call, it just that there are so many things pending at hand since yesterday. 

  • Sorry for the late reply to your call this morning, I am too occupied with my current painting projects.  I was painting inside my studio and I left the phone in the car. 

  • Please accept my apology for the delay of my reply from your call the other day.  I just came from a three days trip out of town.  I am just trying to get started again with my work here.

  • I got your voice message from my answering machine.  I was on a Weekend break when you called  dear. Well lets meet tonight and catch up! 

  • I have been planning to write you a note since I failed to get your call.  Sorry I was not able to reply immediately.  You dont know how hectic is my schedule this week, I have been missing some of my other calls too.

  • I am really sorry for not replying to your call.  I am with my grandparents house and I just got your message when I returned home.

  • Sir Baldwin, I am sorry for not replying to your call.  I know you have been asking about the quotation you requested last Monday.  I am still working on it and I will try to email it by Friday.

  • I am so sorry for not returning your call, I am not in the mood to take calls.  I am having personal problems lately and I just want to shut off myself for a while.

  • I am sorry for not replying to your call,  I know too  that is not appropriate for me to do that that is why I am writing you this note asking for your forgiveness.  I hope you would accept my apology. 

  • I know it is not okay for not returning your call.  You know your friend is lazy sometimes, I am too heavy to get up when you called.  But anyway, I am sorry my friend I will catch up with you soon.  I owe you a treat!

  • I saw your five missed calls on my mobile phone, I am outside the office and I was not able to hear your  call.  Please do call my office number, I will be back this afternoon.

  • I am so sorry that I totally forgot to return your call. Your senior citizen friend is out of the hand already,  I need to take some vitamins for my memory.  I will ask my grandson to visit your house this evening.

  • My daughter just told me that you called the house yesterday.  I am so sorry that I was not able to reply immediately.

  • My son is in the hospital and I cannot concentrate myself with other things.  My phone was in silent mode because I am inside his room.  I am sorry for not returning your call.
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