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Sorry Gift Ideas For Husband/ I am Sorry Gift Ideas For Husband/ Sorry Gifts For Husband/ Gifts To Say I am Sorry To Husband

Fights, misunderstandings and conflicts are all common in married life. A mere sorry  by mouth may not be enough to say " Sorry". A cute gift can be considered for a husband when you say " I am sorry." 

Sorry gifts need not be expensive and many of them can be handmade to show you really care. If you are looking for cute and simple sorry gift ideas for your husband, here is a collection of excellent sorry gift ideas for Husband. 

A recorded message - It isn't difficult to create a recorded message these days. Using you own voice and sweet music, record a video message. Send it as a Whatsapp message. With your simple creativity, you can even record it on a CD and place it in a handmade box to present to your husband.

Box of meat - There is no way to touch a man's heart than to give him a treat of meat. Fry his favourite meat to his taste with good spices. Pack it uniquely and place it in a box and attach a note as " I am sorry for ....."

Pack of nuts - Nuts are great and  is a healthy treat. Get the best nuts and add a message as: " I am sorry for driving you nuts last evening. Please forgive me." Place it in his bag as he leaves for office.

Belts- Men use belts everyday, but they don't update them regularly. Why not use belts as a gift to say " I am sorry"? Add a note as " I am sorry and I have realised that I need to belt up when I am angry. Please forgive me."

A personalised love note - If the poet in you causes that irresistible hunger to write, write a cute love note cum sorry message. Write one, attach a photograph and frame it. Present in a beautiful gift box. It will surely melt his heart.

Self cooked Crab dinner - Cooked homemade dinner is something men would ;love to eat. Transform that like to a beautiful sorry gift. Cook his favourite dishes. Message an invitation for an early dinner with a sorry message as " I am sorry that I hurt you this morning. Accept my apologies and be home for a special crabby dinner today...."

Gingerbread - Bake your own ginger bread and write you sorry message with an icing. Make it creatively and  leave on the table to say you are sorry from the bottom of your heart. Spice it up with his favourite brewed tea!

With all the sorry gift ideas as above, you can creatively say you are sorry from the bottom of your heart. The ones above are just sorry gifts examples. 

It doesn't require much hard work to create one sorry gift and neither should it cause a fortune. 

Simple gifts n' thoughtful words can patch up many disagreements. Show that you care with unique Sorry gifts to your husband.  

Sorry Gift Ideas For Friends/ I am Sorry Gifts For Friends/ Sorry Gifts For Friends/ Apology Gift Ideas For Friends 

When you hurt your friend intentionally or unintentionally, it is indeed painful. A simple sorry message for a friend along with a thoughtful Sorry gift can be indeed the best way to say sorry to your friend from the bottom of your heart. 

Here is a collection of sincere "I am sorry gift ideas" for friends which can go a long way to tell you are really sorry. Read on to find the perfect apology gift ideas for friends.
  • Teddy bear: A teddy bear with an I 'm sorry message is an apt gift to give to  a friend and say that you are sorry from the bottom of your heart.  A personalised sorry message would make the gift more adorable and meaningful.
  •  Gourmet sugar cookie: A cookie with a sorry message is something that you can create on your own. It isn't expensive.  Adding some smiles on your cookie  with colourful icing can brighten up their smiles. Make a couple of them and  write your message. Pack them and gift it to your friend.
  • A decorative stone with etched sorry message: Do some online or offline store search and you are likely to find small decorative stones etched with a sorry message. Buy them and add a personalised note and gift to your friend.
  • Chocolate gift box:  Find a good chocolate box and add a personalised message to say you are sorry. You can store buy the chocolates or simple make one by dipping fruit slices in melted chocolate.  Allow the chocolate to set and write " I 'm sorry " using white chocolate. Will there be any other  perfect gift to melt your friend's heart?
  • Candles: Scented natural wax candles can be another attractive gift. Clove, citrus, natural wood and all other scents would be just nice as a gift to say from the bottom of your heart " I am sorry."
  • Bouquet of flowers: A bouquet of lowers with an " I am sorry" card would be another blushing way to say to say you are sorry from your heart. Beautiful coloured flowers are perfect to melt anyone's heart and cheer up someone. On the card, write a humorous message and that too will help to cheer the mood instantly.
  • Bracelet: Bracelets are great gifts for women  and it is ideal to win a woman's heart. If you are keen to say you are sorry to a woman, consider a bracelet or any other piece of jewellery.
  • A music collection: If you know the person well, you might be knowing his/her likes in music. Present  his/her favourite collection with a sorry card.
With all the above gifts above , you could express your apology in the most appropriate way. Do your part to win your friend over with a sincere gift and a sorry message. Let not the  intentional or unintentional hurts break a friendship!

To find the perfect sorry messages check SORRY MESSAGES FOR FRIENDS right away! 

Sorry Gift Ideas For Boyfriend/ I am Sorry Gift Ideas For Boyfriend/ Sorry Gifts For Boyfriend/ Gifts To Say I am Sorry To Boyfriend

It is easy to have a fight in any relationship and a  fight with boyfriend  is not an exception. On such occasions, it is not enough to say "I am sorry." You can do something more by gifting  a thoughtful gift to say you are sorry from the bottom of your heart. 

If you are wondering what would be an ideal sorry gift for your boyfriend, here are some of the best Sorry gift ideas to choose from. 
  • Handcrafted gifts: Buy a bunch of roses with stem and wrap in a cellophane paper. Red roses are meant to express your love and fresh roses are sure to create a romantic atmosphere. It will also bring the real charm to his face when you add a small photograph of just two of you with a note saying " Really sorry for all the hurts and the pains. Forgive me!"
  • Analogue watches: Watches are really important to remind your boyfriend about time and it is best to buy a watch that matches his personality. An analogue watch would best fit with casual wear such as pair of jeans and T-shirt. Simply But one and pin up a message to the gift box that reads " Honey! I didn't mean to hurt you, but it just happened in my fit of rage. I am really sorry!"
  • Personalised Calendar: If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend somewhere towards the end of the year or just the beginning, consider a personalised calendar. It is easy to create one with the help of a photo shop specialised in creating one. Along with the photo on the calendar attach a note to say " I really sense your hurt by your frown, I really known that a friend like you is the best I can every get. I shouldn't have hurt you with my harsh words. I am sorry..."
  • Heart shaped pillows: Red pillows will do all the talking for you. You can either make one using your creativity or buy one. Once you pillow is ready to be gifted, jot down a quick message on a card and that says something like " I hurt you, I caused you pain, I brought you to the verge of tears. I realised my mistakes.. Please forgive me." Pin it to your gift and leave it on his table.
  • Chocolate Basket: As you know your boyfriend well, it isn't difficult to find the chocolate he loves. Get him his favourite chocolates and fill up the basket with decorating paper, artificial flowers and fix in some chocolates to make the basket more attractive. To the basket clip in your heartfelt sorry message as " I am sorry for .............." 
May be you forgot his birthday? May be you did something displeasing or yelled at him and broke the vase on his table. Whatever has happened, a heartfelt apology is a great big step to patch up the sour relationship. 

A thoughful sorry gift and along with sorry message from the bottom of your heart will surly help you to patch up.

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