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If you are at loss for words on what to write after a break up. Here is a colleciton of sample break up sorry messages to choose from. 

Read on to find the heartfelt and thoughtful sorry message after break up right here.

  • Maybe this is the right thing to do for us, breaking up with you is hard but it is easier than to prolong the relationship. I am also sorry we ended this way.

  • I guess we need time to realize things in our relationship, I am breaking up with you not because I do not love you anymore, but hopefully find solutions to our situation. If our love stands the test of time and meant to be then we can back together as better persons for each other.

  • I do feel that we are not both growing in our relationship and it is not healthy if we will continue with it. I am breaking free from the tie that bind us before.

  • I know this will be painful for both of us, but we will be able to get through at the right time. For now, let us begin freeing ourselves from this miserable relationship.

  • Let us not prolong the agony, let us break up and move on from here. 

  • I am not being honest if I will tell you I still love you, but I don’t anymore. Let us face it, things are not sweet as before between us. Let me move on with my life.

  • We have not a lot of ways to give solutions to our arguments but still not working. We better break up instead. 
  • I am not talking to you lately because I need some space to think a lot of things in our relationship. Please do not expect more from me, you are free to see other girls that you think would interest you.

  • My absence means I am breaking up from this relationship. So please do not keep on ringing my phone, stalking my Facebook, and waiting at my doorstep. I am sure you know the reasons already.

  • We have been in a relationship for four years now and I can say that you are still like a stranger to me. I do feel that you do not showing your true self to me, there is something laid back on you. I cannot be with someone that I do not know well.

  • Our good moments were not enough to withstand our love amidst the challenges of our relationship. That is why let us just move on with our own lives, we both deserve better love.

  • I hope we can still remain friends after this break up. Maybe it is better for us to be friends than lovers.
  • My petition visa for Australia was approved and I will be leaving next month already. I have told you before about the pending petition and have been thinking about our future since then. I have decided to end this relationship since I cannot bear a long distance relationship. We are still young, we can still move on with our lives. We can have this love if we are really meant to be in the future.

  • I am thinking about my life lately and I realized my priorities. As of now, I want to concentrate pursuing my dream and studies. Being a national tennis player, my time is occupied with hours of training, left and right competitions, and my studies. It will be unfair to you if I cannot give the time and love that you deserve. I hope we can still be friends.

  • I deleted you on my Facebook friends list, deleted your contact details from my mobile phone, I am not answering your calls and messages, I stopped seeing our common friends, not using the things that you gave me. Now, you can guess the reasons why. 

  • You always drunk when you visit my home and you do not show respect to my parents. Please do not be surprised once you received this break up message from me. I have followed my parents advice to get a guy who is better than you.

  • I am sorry I am breaking up with you. 

  • Love is blind but I am not. Sorry I have to break up from this relationship already, I am fed up about the bad situations we had from our one year relationship.
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