Break up Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

Break up Sorry Messages for Boyfriend/ Sample Break up Sorry Messages for Boyfriend/Break up Sorry Note for Boyfriend/ Sample Sorry Messages After Break up with Boyfriend

It is hard to find words when you break up. So if you are at loss of words what to write in a breakp up sorry note to him, here is a collection of  sample break up sorry messages for boyfriend that you can use.

  • I did not meant to hurt you but I guess we have come to an end of our relationship. I hope you can be happy with someone else. 

  • I just want to be honest with my feelings so that both of us can move on. Things are not the same anymore between us, it is better that we part ways peacefully. I am sorry to say that I am breaking up from this relationship. 

  • We both can take the blame for the drifting of our relationship. I know my shortcomings. So, let us not take it too long and give ourselves a break. Thank you for all the love and happy memories we shared. 

  • I thought that it is easy to say or write a breakup message but I was wrong. I am saying goodbye to this five years relationship. I never thought that it will come to an end, I am very sure of you and this relationship. Unfortunately, things changed until it become worse. Goodbye

  • I am fed up of all your lies, neglecting me in front of your friends, I do not deserve the way you treat me, and among other things. I know I will not regret breaking up with you because I deserve more than you. 

  • I know it will break your heart but I need to do this. I am breaking up with you not because I do not love you, but because it is the right thing to do. We cannot go on like this, we have to accept that separating will be better for both us. I love you goodbye baby. 

  • My feelings changed and I am so sorry for that. There is no other man involved here, it is just that there is a change the way I look at you . The problem is me not you, I know you deserve more than I can give you. Please forgive me and goodbye.

  • Our on and off arguments this year had put a wall between us. We have tried to fix our differences several times but still our situation is still the same. It is like a carousel that just go round and round until the passenger gets tired or bored with it. This is not healthy anymore for our relationship that is why I decided to call it off. 

  • I am so sick of you being a womanizer, I am breaking up with you. I hope you realize that you cannot find a good queen until you become a good deserving king. 

  • It is painful to know that you are my best answer while I am your none of the above. Now I have come to realized that I can have a multiple choice and you are not one of them anymore. 

  • I am sorry I love you goodbye my love. 

  • I thought you will be my prince charming to love and protect me always, but you are not at all what I want. You have failed to fulfill your promises. I have no choice but to breakup with you. 

  • Your kisses is not as sweet as before, I think the feeling is mutual and you are already expecting this break up. I hope you can find your soulmate that can give you more happiness. 

  • I have become crazy about you and never imagined my life without you, but now, I can say that I can free myself away from you. I t is just a matter of time I know I will be okay. I am saying goodbye now and say hello to a new life without you. I am sorry I have come to this decision. 

  • I know the feeling is mutual but we just do not have the formal chance to seal the break up. Since your last visit I have been thinking about this already and finally I have the guts to say this to you. I want to move on with my life without you. Let us call it quits. 

  • You will always have a place in my heart even though we have parted ways. I am sorry that I have to leave first from our relationship. 

  • It hurts me to tell you that I am breaking up with you. I am confused right now with our situation. Maybe it is better if we separate now before things go wrong between us. 

  • I have told you several times about your shortcomings and you promised to be better. But until now, things have not changed with you. I cannot take it anymore I would like to end this relationship already. I hope you give the expected respect and importance to your future girlfriend. 
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