Sorry Flower Card Messages For Friends

Sorry Flower Card Messages For Friends/ Flower Card Sorry Messages For Friends/ Flower Card I am Sorry Messages For Friends/Apology Flower Card Messages For Friends

Sometimes it’s better to apologize and end the matter rather than argue endlessly about who is right and who is wrong. Add an unmistakable sign of grace and charm with flowers followed by a heartfelt sorry message can take your relationship to a new level. 

Here is a collection  of sorry flower card  messages for friends that will go a long way in strengthening your relationship and also speak volumes about your personality.

  • Life is beautiful with you around. I am sorry for my behavior. Please let me see your smile again.

  • I hope that our relationship will be as fresh and fragrant as these flowers. Do forgive me for messing things up yesterday.

  • It was my mistake, not yours. And I want you to know how sorry I feel. 

  • I am really sorry. Let’s forget the past and be friends again.

  • I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. 

  • Please don’t be so mad at me. I cherish your friendship the most. I am sorry.

  • Please give me another chance to set things right. Please forgive me.

  • I know I am so horrible that I made you cry. But if you chose me as your friend then I can’t be that bad. You are as lovely as these flowers. You are my dearest friend. Please forgive me.

  • I really want to put this argument to end. And I badly want you back in my life. So I’ll make the first move. Sorry. Please come back.

  • I am sorry for saying things I didn’t even mean. I was plain horrible.I am really sorry for making a mess.

    • No argument is important enough to come between our friendship. I am sorry. Let’s be friends again.

    • I don’t want bitterness to stay between us. So I am sending you flowers instead. Let’s be buddies again.

    • Let’s take the thorns out of the flowers. Let’s take the anger out of our friendship. Let me begin by saying I am so sorry.

    • I am sorry. I want to make things right now. Please accept these flowers as a sign of my friendship. 

    • I am so sorry for being such a fool. How could I be so stupid? Please forgive me.

    • I love you more than this silly argument. I am so sorry. Now let’s be friends again.

    • Can an argument break our years of friendship? No way! 

    • Our argument seems so silly now. How can we fight over such a petty issue and be cross at each other for days? Hugs to my best buddy.

    • I know I was mean and can do anything to make up to you. To start with please accept this flowers.

    • When we were away from each other, I realized how much I depended on you. I am so silly. I am sorry.

    • I would never ever think of hurting you at all. You are the only one who knows me so well. I am so sorry.

    • I am sorry buddy. Let’s be BFF again.

    • I can’t think of life without my pal. I am sorry.

    • I miss the times we spent giggling at silly things. Please take these flowers and give me my friend back. 

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